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Jono is an exceptional coach.
I've had the opportunity to work with Jono on multiple occasions. He helped me work through some productivity blocks that were holding me back. By asking the right questions at the right time, I became aware that I didn't have a routine that facilitated the work that I wanted to do.
Jono helped me prioritise my routine, which has enabled me to become more organised, productive and fulfilled in my day to day life.
I would recommend Jono to anyone looking to level up their personal and professional life.


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Today I had a coaching session with Jono and we uncovered that I have trust issues.
Jono also helped me to change my mindset around asking for help. Today I am super focused, thank you Jono.



I've been working with Jono for about a year now and I highly, highly recommend him. He is extremely diligent, he does great work, his communication is awesome. 
He overdelivers and I highly recommend working with him. I think he's doing great work for me and I'm going to continue working with him, probably for years to come. Thank you Jono. 

Dylan Vanas


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