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My Story.

The start of it all.

When I was younger, I had the world at my feet, or what I thought I did...

As well as having previously played professionally, at this time I was playing semi-professional football. I had scouts come and watch me play when I first broke my leg. This then led to my downward spiral. 


I lost confidence in myself and in my own ability, I started to heavily drink and party almost every night of the week which led me to go down the wrong path. Even when I went out, my sole focus was on finding the next girl that caught my eye, causing my friends to lose all respect and interest in me too.


I had no money, working dead-end jobs and poncing money off my family just so I could go out clubbing just to spunk it all again. I began getting into trouble, I was arrested once for fighting outside a nightclub only to be put into a shitty little police cell overnight. 


This abuse to myself carried on for a number of years, I just had no hope, no passion, and no purpose, because of the constant abuse I put on my body and mind. My anxiety went through the roof. I found myself getting stressed out, and paranoid for no fucking reason. 


Eventually, this all built up inside of me, I was getting so anxious, and a little depressed if I'm honest and I actually started losing my hair in chunks through self-sabotaging behaviour.

Because of the person I was trying to be, I kept everything in. I tried to cover it all up by going out and acting like jack the lad.


I looked at everything and everyone else around me like they were the problem, but I failed to look at myself.

Then I realised I had to change.

Every morning, I woke up with a sense of regret. Although I wasn't exactly sure what needed to be done, I was certain that something had to change. If I continued on this path, things could only get worse and I feared that I would eventually look back on my life as a missed opportunity.

However, a shift began to occur within me, I looked in the mirror, I finally began to take ownership of my actions and realised that I was the only one who could initiate a positive change in my life. I knew that in order to do this, I first needed to change myself.


From that point on, I’ve gone on the most amazing journey of self-discovery. I moved down a different path to take life by the balls. I engaged with therapists, I looked to people for guidance, I trained in the gym, I got back into football, I got into combat sports, started reading books, setting goals, and listening to podcasts. 


It was all of this that led me to coaching. I would just listen to podcasts, audiobooks and read more and more about coaching, and it just blew my mind!

Whilst being on this journey, I started reflecting on my experiences and my actions. A thought crossed my mind: could I use these thing to help others?


I thrived off this so much, it was getting me so pumped to start my day and learn more about coaching and how I can be the person I desire to be.


I just knew I had something.

I always felt like I had this natural ability to help, give advice or at least some guidance. Whenever someone in need approached me with a question, my mind would always automatically go to 'how can I help find a solution to their problem?'


This would happen every time. 

Whether it was a mate having trouble at home, just having a chat with someone or giving someone a kick up the arse.


As a footballer, I would help boost the morale of my teammates by lifting their spirits.


As a football coach, I would speak to my players to address any self-doubt or lack of belief, whether it stemmed from an injury or simply a lack of confidence

I became a coach!_edited.jpg

I did it, I became a coach!

After digging deeper, I took the plunge, and I decided to enroll in a course that laid the groundwork for me to become a coach. This just made me hungry for more. I knew it was just a mere drop in the ocean to all the tools and techniques I could learn to put me in a position to lead a more purposeful life. So I dug deeper!


I was so buzzing about it all and thrived off it.... and over time.... I did it!


I became an internationally recognised accredited coach.


I started helping and connecting with people to achieve their goals and to help get them to where they desire to be. I realised how good it was to give back and see their progress and how good it felt to help bridge the gap for other people.


I am now speaking to people from all over the world and they are letting me know just how much I have inspired them to do more, and this just feels amazing.


I have created a life in which I am coaching people online and making a difference to them and me. I live on the Gold Coast of Australia with my beautiful wife, and we are doing things with our lives that we could only dream of. 


I hardly recognise the person I was, and I have definitely built a better relationship with myself. 


I knew I was always ambitious and wanted a better life, but I never thought in a million years that I could do it. For that, I will always be grateful for everything that has happened to me, as it was never happening to me, it was happening for me.


The best part of it all, the best is still yet to come!


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